18th October 2024 - 7:00 pm
FAC251 - Factory Manchester

This show has been rescheduled to Friday 18th October – all tickets remain valid.

The world’s most unlikely hero has grown an army of fans the world over. Sean Millis is the

world’s biggest underdog, and one of the most inspiring humans to walk the planet. He has risen to

fame across social media through viral responses to his incredible voice and positive life outlook.

Despite living with a rare disease called Hunter syndrome, Sean has become an inspiration

for many. He receives life-saving hospital treatment every week and has a dedicated team of

nurses who have looked after him for years. They love his music and encourage him to keep

going. Sean’s soulful voice and heartwarming songs have touched the nerves of millions of

fans worldwide. His positive approach to life and music on social media has breathed hope

into the lives of many. And his soon-to-be-released song, ‘Fight With Fire,’ is the ultimate

anthem of living life with no fear and facing adversity head-on. Join Sean on a journey of

music and inspiration like never before. He’ll be sharing the stage with special guests and

performing alongside some of the finest artists in the world. From Q&A sessions to singing

his original songs and music collaborations with his guests, Sean’s show promises to be an

unforgettable experience for all. In Sean’s own words, “I hope I can share my journey of

positivity with one person at a time, through my songs, my voice, and an inspiring show that

people will never forget. I can’t control my health, but I can control my perception of life and

the music I share. I am so lucky to have this opportunity to live, love and be part of

something amazingĀ 

“Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the world’s most unlikely hero live on stage!”


FAC251 - Factory Manchester 112-118 Princess St
Manchester M1 7EN